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Step by step system of actions.

Quick audit
What does this step do:
Gathering information, identifying key areas of performance potential, building and discussing a change concept with the client.
What the client gets as a result of this phase:
Terms of Reference for the project: Description of the project goal, work plan, project results. Estimated cost of follow-up work and effects of implementation, including financial.

The audit.
What activities are carried out at this stage:
Information requests, interviews, processing, analysis; Description of business processes "as is", description and classification of problem areas; Conceptual description of solutions, the sequence of their development; Development of various options for improvement with an assessment of the economic effects of each; Selection of the optimal path (taking into account the balance of costs and benefits).
What the client receives as a result of the stage:
Scheme of business processes "as it is"; Map of problems (potentials); Plan of projects to overcome problems (realization of potentials).

Developing solutions
What activities are carried out at this stage:
Depending on the type of project there may be a different set of solution development activities. For example: Description of business processes "as it should be"; Logistics map development; Warehouse engineering design; Inventory management concept; Outsourcing concept for non-core activities (e.g. transport, storage); Materials preparation for staff training on new regulations; Development of regulations, instructions; KPI development; Information system selection; Other solutions.
What the client receives as a result of the stage:
Ready-to-implement solutions with a detailed plan, logic, schematics, materials. Sometimes, by agreement, the solution development phase includes a pilot implementation sub-stage. Exact calculation of financial effects from implementation, payback period and size of excess profits.

Implementation of solutions
What activities are performed at this stage:
Issuing an Implementation Order. Depending on the nature of the project implementation may include: Training of staff; Testing of the information system; Test operation of new regulations, provisions, instructions; Measuring of KPI; Implementation of new motivation system, corresponding to new business processes; Support of new information system implementation.
What the client receives as a result of the stage:
Working solutions, which have passed the trial operation stage. Initiation of effects. Guarantee of achievement of indicators declared at development stage.
What activities are carried out at this stage:
Monitoring of changes, prompt response to failures, identifying risks of future failures, running the system of administrative influence on the change process.
What the client gets as a result of this phase:
Preventing risks of "backsliding", creating conditions for sustainability of change. Supporting and building up the effects.


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